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Active 20-30 Club

of Carson Valley #85

  • Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration


Notice: All Vendors MUST use Sand Bags, Buckets of Water and/or Tie Downs to secure your booth to ground. NO STAKES shall be used in the park.


Health Code: Food Vendors are required to get their own health permit and must provide a copy to the Carson Valley Days Vendor Chairman prior to booth set-up.


Take Down Deposit: This deposit will be returned to you at your booth space Sunday between 1-3pm. If you take down your booth before this time your deposit becomes non-refundable.


Vendor Spaces will be inspected before departure. The cost of any damages incurred to facilities by vendors or vendors' vehicle operations will be charged to the Vendor.


The Selling of Knives, Swords, Throwing Stars, Any Edged Weapons, Projectile Weapons, Explosive/Incendiary devices or blow horns is PROHIBITED. Any booth selling these mentioned items will be instructed to leave the Fair Grounds. A refund will not be granted. No Exceptions.


Minimum Security will be provided Friday and Saturday Night. All applicants understand and take responsibility for any theft or vandalism. The 20/30 Club #85 will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged goods.


Power Service / Generators to run lights and additional power for Vendor Booths will be provided by Active 20-30 Club #85. All Vendors are Responsible for their own Equipment, including Extension Cords, Lights, Etc. The 20-30 Club is not responsible for any failed equipment or damage to equipment. Vendors are responsible to set up their own equipment and take down equipment once event is over.


Agreement: I do hereby understand and will abide by request of the Carson Valley Active 20-30 Club #85 to sell only the items agreed upon and listed above. I also understand that I will be responsible for the up keep, clean up, and manning of my space. Booth spaces will be assigned by the Event Coordinator. Vendors are not allowed to relocate their booths once set up. We will hand out sales tax forms as required by the State of Nevada – IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TURN THE SALES TAX FORM INTO THE VENDOR CHAIRMAN AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE EVENT. If you have a Nevada Tax ID, please provide your Tax ID # in the form . We will handle the permit for the 4-Day Festival; you will be required to handle any other permits/licenses as a vendor.




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